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Our Services

H&S coaching and guidance – trying to understand the new H&S law?

We can provide internal training for managers and staff.


Courses include:

  • Understanding risk management

  • What is worker participation

  • Hazard and risk management practices

  • Basic incident investigation techniques

  • Why ‘Target Zero’ is toxic to your business

Development & implementation of H&S systems

We will develop your Health & Safety Manual in consultation with you and customised to your business. We will NOT give you something to act as a doorstop.


We believe that you need to be involved in this process or you will never really value the products and services provided.

Documents include:

  • Your Health & Safety Policy

  • Hazard Register

  • Training Records

  • Incident Register

On-site H&S assistance

Site audits.

System reviews and development

Review of current H&S policies and documentation.

Policy and procedure development

Development of policies and procedures for your organisation.

Incident and event investigation

We can either assist you in carrying out an incident investigation or alternatively train you in these processes.

Prequalification assistance

Need help to become a contractor for upcoming work? We can help ensure your documentation is in order.

Site specific safety planning

Stepping into new areas of work? We can assist you in understanding the SSSP process.

Facilitation of training programmes

We can design and facilitate training programmes to suit your businesses needs.

Risk management

We can train any member of your staff from shop floor to management in understanding the risk management process and their role at their level. We can also assist with implementing your risk management system in your workplace.

Health and safety advice

Need some advice? We can assist with answering simple questions over the phone for FREE through to full advice services.

Identification of training needs and training coordination

Gaps analysis of your training requirements to ensure compliance, and coordination of the required training with recognised training organisations.

Emergency response plans

Development or review of your emergency plans including development of evacuation schemes.

Train the trainer coaching

If you are looking to have members of your own team become trainers, we can help you select the right people and upskill them in the key skills to make them a great trainer within your organisation.

Writing and development of H&S training programmes to NZQA standard

Our team hold qualifications in writing and moderating documents to NZQA standard.

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