Schools Training

Paula has been delivering training to secondary schools in the Gateway/STAR space since 2009 with previous organisations she has worked with. Prior to this Paula was a Gateway coordinator herself from 2002 until 2012, so has extensive knowledge on school requirements in regards health and safety training in this space. 

Courses available:
Schools Health and Safety (Unit standards 497 Level 1 Credits 3/17593 Level 2 Credits 4) 1 day
This course introduces students to health and safety legislation and is a prerequisite in many workplaces. Students will learn their rights and responsibilities under the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015. They will engage in a range of activities including identifying risks in both their work and school environment. 
Apply Risk Assessment in the Workplace (Unit standard 30265 Level 3 Credits 8) 1 day plus post course assessment
This is a new unit standard that replaces US 17602 and 24046. Students will learn to apply a range of risk assessment techniques to class based scenarios, followed by a risk assessment in their Gateway/STAR workplace. 
Hearing Conservation/Manual Handling (Unit Standards 17594 Level 3 Credits 3 & 17592 Level 3 Credits 4) 1 day
This course combo is relevant to every student no matter their industry.
Noise not only in the workplace, but also recreationally is having a huge impact on our young people today with hearing loss being identified as a large contributor to ACC claims in the future. This is a course that really gets students thinking differently.
Manual handling covers everything from sitting at your desk, considering ergonomics and work station design through to those who do manual work where, lifting, pushing, pulling twisting, turning and carrying loads over distance poses a major risk to quality of life in the event of a muscoskeletal injury.
Other courses such as Height Safety, Confined Space, Fire Extinguisher and Youth Responder can be arranged through our business partners.
To find out more about these courses either call Paula on 021 757 166 or email:
All courses provided by PJSS are provided on a sub-contractor basis through Fire  and Emergency Training Solutions Ltd. All NZQA and moderation requirements are met through this arrangement.